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We offer the bank account opening service for foreign students.

Why is it important to open a bank account?

Upon arrival in Spain, students may need a bank account to receive money and cover their expenses, however, banks in Spain are currently being very demanding and are only opening a bank account to the student who has a residence card (NIE).

Upon arrival in Spain, the student must process the NIE application, this process could take approximately 2 months, according to statistics.

The commissions charged by banks in Spain are usually high, you must be very careful when opening an account, since a commission for cash advance from an electronic teller machine could be € 4. But the account that we offer you is free of commissions and maintenance fees.

The management we offer is very easy, you just have to fill out the form, from your country, send the documents that we request and when you arrive in Spain, you only have to go through the bank office to sign the account and receive the cards.

Do not bring amounts greater than € 300 in cash to deposit it in the bank account. The law against money laundering prohibits all Spanish banks from receiving amounts greater than the aforementioned number from foreigners.

Make bank contributions through bank transfers from your country, from a close relative or from your own account.

There are students who prefer to make their payments and cash advances through debit or credit cards of the bank of their country, this is not recommended due to the high commissions or disadvantages that banks have when making the currency exchange.

Many services that you will want to hire will ask for a bank account, otherwise this will not be possible.

Take advantage of the advantages that we offer when hiring the bank account opening service from our website.


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