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We offer the best travel insurance, no matter where you are or where you are traveling to,
we have the best insurance for price and quality service.
To contract it is very easy, select origin / destination and duration of the trip, complete the form and make the payment
and make the payment and in minutes we will send you the policy.
If you are traveling to countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia or Canada, we recommend that you
contract the insurance coverage of 1.000.000,00, you can write us to WhatsApp to give you the price.
the price.
If you are traveling from a country that is not your residence, we recommend you to hire another of our
insurance available by WhatsApp, since, for repatriation issues, it is important to consider it.
to consider it.

Most important coverages:
– Medical assistance: 300.000€.
– COVID coverage
– Repatriation
– Convalescence in hotel
– Theft and damage to luggage
– Delays in transport and baggage delivery
– Private civil liability

Medical assistance abroad AND Medical assistance in Spain
Dental expenses / Emergency due to illness
Bodily injury in motor vehicle accidents
Displacement of a family member in case of hospitalization
Convalescence in the hotel / Sending of medicines abroad

Repatriation of sick or deceased persons / Repatriation of accompanying persons
Early return due to hospitalization or death of a family member
Early return home due to major catastrophe at home/establishment
professional establishment of the insured

Theft and damage to baggage / Searching for, locating and shipping lost baggage
Shipment of objects forgotten during the trip

Delay in departure of the means of transport / Delay in delivery of checked baggage

Transmission of urgent messages / Advance payment of funds

Defense of criminal liability abroad / Private civil liability
Claims for damages abroad / Claims for purchase and service contracts abroad / Claims for damages abroad / Claims for damages abroad / Claims for purchase and service contracts abroad

Accidents due to disability / Accidents due to death

Origin of the trip

Europe, World

Travel destination

Europe, World


120 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 7 days, 90 days

What does the insurance cover?

Medical assistance and hospitalization in the event of illness or accidents, repatriation in the event of death or serious illness. These coverage amounts may vary depending on the type of policy you select.

What type of insurance does it offer, does it have a waiting period? What's the price?

Medical Assistance, hospitalization and repatriation insurance; all in the same policy. The insurances that we offer don’t have waiting period, that means that you can use the insurance from the first day of start, the prices of the insurance are published on the website, without small print.

What coverage limit do you have?

The coverage limits are € 30,000 or € 50,000 or € 300,000.

What documents must I present to contract the insurance?

At the time of hiring it, you must attach the registration or admission letter from the study center, the insurer may later request other documents such as the university acceptance letter, airfare and other documents.

What do I have to do to purchase the insurance?

You can contract the insurance from your country, it is very easy, you must make the order on the web, fill out a form with the data that will appear in the process. You must attach the registration or admission letter from the study center and after making the payment, we will send you the documents by email.

Do I have to pay anything more when I use the insurance?

No, you will not have to pay anything more during the entire hiring period, the insurance covers the hospital or medical assistance services in case of illness or accident.

How long does it take to receive the documents?

The time to receive the documents is less than 24 hours, if the payment has been made by credit card. Bank transfer payments take a little longer. The documents are sent by email, you just have to print them and present them to the institutions that have requested it.

Coverage in Spain and Europe

Medical assistance services for foreign or international students in Spain or the European Union 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by phone and email.

Can I buy it now and start the insurance in 2 or 3 months?

Yes, you can buy the insurance now and the start date can be any day and month in 2021 and until February 2022. It is mandatory that the start date of the insurance is after the date of contracting.

Can the insurance be paid in payments?

No, the insurance must be paid in full at the time of contracting it. Many consulates and government delegations require that the insurance is paid in full, it must be demonstrated, providing an invoice or receipt of full payment of the insurance amount.

Can I choose any insurance start date?

Yes, but the insurance start date must be entered on the form and it must be in the year 2021 or until February 28, 2022. It is mandatory that the insurance start date is after the date of contracting.


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