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We offer the best student accommodation service thanks to the collaboration of companies in the sector. You just tell us

Bank account

We offer the bank account opening service for foreign students. Why is it important to open a bank account? Upon

Foreign student insurance

From: 362,00
You can now contract this insurance policy with a starting date in February 2022. The insurance is backed by the

Proof of accommodation

Global Arcadia, always thinking of helping students, offers the proof of accommodation service, a requirement requested by the consulate of

Renewal of Student NIE

The fastest and easiest way to renew the NIE for foreign students. You just have to buy the service on

Residences for Studies

If you are in Spain and want to process a residence application for studies, we will do the process for

Student companion insurance

From: 362,00
The insurance is backed by the AXA insurer, one of the largest in Europe. It can be hired by foreign

Unlimited student insurance

From: 223,59

Unlimited student insurance for companions

From: 223,59
International insurance is a medical insurance for foreign students in Spain that meets all the requirements of the visa or

VISA Student Advising

Ideal service for people who need advice to process the Spain student VISA. It is a service created to guide